Strong and Free ConferenceReversing the Effects of Pornography On Our Lives, Homes, and Communities

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Strength To Fight is a Canadian-based organization that exists to equip and empower men & women, girls & boys to live porn-free lives and build porn-free communities. Through practical seminars, workshops, and presentations across Canada, Strength To Fight has been facing the issue of pornography head on, providing two hundred presentations since founded only three years ago. After speaking face to face with tens of thousands of Canadians, the need for a bigger event to bring together all sorts of Canadians seeking to fight back against pornography became clear. Thus the vision for the Strong & Free Conference was born. Join us in the fight for porn-free lives, porn-free communities, and a porn-free Canada at Strong & Free 2018! Learn more about Strength To Fight, including other upcoming events at

Strong & Free 2018