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7:30pm – 9pm

Session 1 The Problem

Part 1: What is at Stake?

Josh Gilman

More people in Canada have watched pornography than heard a Taylor Swift song, seen an episode of Game of Thrones, or watched Canada win olympic hockey gold. A Majority of children have seen pornography before they are through their tweens. Does this matter? Why talk about pornography as an issue in the first place? What is truly at stake?

Part 2 – Why Talk About Sex?
Brett Ullman

Sex, porn, STDs, pregnancy, sexting, singleness, our society talks about sex non-stop. For many, the response to our sex-obsessed culture is to try to withdraw as much as possible. But what is actually best for our children? How can we re-engage these issues in a direct, clear and truthful way.


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Session 2: The Effect

Part 1: The Deadliest Revolution

Jonathon Van Maren

The Sexual Revolution transformed Western civilization, catching parents and people of faith off-guard by well-planned and brilliantly-executed strategies implemented by ruthless secular activists. With so many  In order to change the future, we need to understand the past. How we did it happen? And what can we do now?


Part 2: The Spiritual Cost of Pornography

Paul Carter

In an age of biblical illiteracy, growing spiritual apathy, and more and more people leaving behind “religion”. What has a refusal to acknowledge porn’s impact done to us spiritually. What is it costing us in our personal journey of faith? How can we reframe the conversation in ways the properly balance the “practical” & “spiritual”.





Session 3: Not A Women’s problem?

Part 1: Not Just Fantasy

Jessica Harris

Women don’t really watch pornography, do they? They’re just into fantasy, not ‘real’ pornography, right? Wrong. Fact is: women do watch pornography – ‘real’ pornography. Women you lead, women who lead, wives, sisters, daughters, mothers, sunday school teachers and pastor’s wives. Writer, speaker, former porn addict (and woman), Jessica Harris will offer insight on how to change the conversation and path for women to find hope, healing, and freedom.


Part 2: Growing Up In A Rape Culture

Devorah Gilman

In 2017 our society was shocked as #MeToo pulled back the veil from the ugly fallout of a generation raised on the lies of a pornified world. In a world where where you are only worth your body, sex is both meaningless and for sale, and even the word “purity” has been confused, what is the effect on women and girls? How can we give girls a different vision for what they are worth?





2pm – 3:30pm

Session 4: Fighting Back

Part 1: Victories Around The World

Dawn Hawkins

Starting two years ago with Time Magazine’s cover story on how pornography was harming young men, we have seen the beginning of a cultural shift against porn. Determined activists have begun to see success around the world including improved legislation to protect children in England, Porn being declared a health crisis in 7 different states, and several companies in Canada changing their policies towards filtered internet. How are these victories being one, and how can we continue to move forward.

Part 2: How To Change The Conversation

Michelle Brock

The slave trade in England was ended after people were exposed to the horror that was taking place out of site on slave ships. Cigarette use has been greatly reduced after education around the harms of smoking improved. Michelle Brock, director of mind-changing films like “Red Light, Green Light” and “Over 18” talks about how to engage our culture and friends with the truth about pornography.



4pm – 5:30pm

Session 5: Starting To Heal

From whole hearts to porn-proofed kids

Michael Browning & Josh Gilman

Over 50% of divorces site pornography as a major contributing factor in the breakdown of the marriage. Only 4% of Canadian children will be in a marriage unaffected by porn. 

How do we heal our marriages, our relationships, our own selves? Sex Addiction Therapist Michael Browning & Executive Director of Strength To Fight, Josh Gilman, put forward a path to healing and wholeness. 



6pm Dinner (provided)

Pastors session/ Action Session

7:30 – 8:15 pm

The Way Forward

MP Arnold Viersen w/Glendyne Gerrard

Now what? What can YOU do? Do you have to be an activist, a speaker, or a writer to fight back against the porn industry? Or are there things that we all can do as parents, friends, business owners, employees or wherever we are and whoever we are that can be part of fighting for a porn-free Canada. We believe there is. Let’s fight together.


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